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Dibden Enclosure


Damn… I miss this place at times. Clear morning, low sun blinking through the trees whether you’re admiring the views via bike or leg power it’s a great place to unwind – often empty too.


The accessibility of the New Forest is a major thing I miss living here in the North Devon countryside, don’t get me wrong there are some incredible vistas around these parts but much of the green space is privately owned by farmers and such – pretty difficult to just pitch up and explore. So when I’m back south coast way I’m always reminded of how easy it is to slink off the main roads and enjoy a bit of the great outdoors.


A Taste of Summer

Sandymouth May Bank Holiday 2013

Weekend before last was a cracker for weather and waves, a small reasonably groomed swell, very light winds and some spring time sunshine made it feel like a mini summer. I hope everyone got in and had some fun. I managed a few hours in the water on my simmonsy thing in little thigh to waist high walls and was grinning from ear to ear when I got out – sun and surf will do that to you, oh and I wasn’t wearing a hood either….!

Now we’re back to cold and wet westerlies and the jackets are back on when out and about, let’s hope the next spell of pleasant stuff comes along shortly.