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Wild, Winterry Widemouth





This was Widemouth Bay yesterday – dark, misty, moody and damp, sums up North Cornwall quite well I think! Waves were big and thumping in, difficult to judge size but the bigger sets were getting on towards double overhead on the face I reckon but the swell was lumpy and disorganised hence no-one out, may have been a few spots down the coast handling the swell a little better though.

Mini Simmons at Sandymere

Hit Sandymere on Saturday for a few waves on the mini simmons. Surf was pretty lack-lustre with some waist high wind slop coming in. It turned out better than it looked (just) with a few open sections here and there. Although the sea felt colder than it has done previously this winter I had one lovely little whippy/weightless top turn on a wedgey right hander that made me smile whilst walking back across the beach evading the crazy kite-buggyists that had descended en masse!

Sandymere Panoramic